I’ve been involved in the Bonfire Society men’s group for six months and have felt tremendous support from Michael and the other men in moving through a very challenging time in my life. Michael is a fantastic facilitator and coach who has always responded to my personal requests for coaching outside the group, helping me come back into balance every time. I have felt recognized, appreciated and inspired by Michael and the group. Every week Michael guides the members to access their core truth and authentic feelings in relation to our live’s challenges and celebrations. Michael’s wealth of knowledge, compassion and coaching skills are a treasure for any man looking to transform his life.
Michael has conceived of a unique men’s group that has become a meaningful community for me. I’m facing a very challenging time in my life especially with my health. Then there’s Covid-19 time. It would be easy (but not wise) for me to retreat to my own man-cave. Weekly, though, meeting with Michael and the other men in this cohort, challenges me to be in a more positive, more dynamic space. Besides becoming more optimistic about my condition, through Bonfire Society I’m gaining even more confidence to show up powerfully and create a new vision for the life I truly want to live.
I know Michael Mendribil to be the rare person that is equal parts buoyant and grounded. Michael is a natural ally, making his professional endeavors – Doctor and Life Coach – natural fits. Michael’s penchant for learning and his encyclopedic understanding for self-improvement are admirable. Given that he walks his talk and leads by example makes him an extraordinary mentor.
Andrew James, B.A.
Owner, A. C. James Company , Exterior House Detailing
Greg Monaco
Brand Coach, Storyteller and Champion of Independents