WHAT IS Bonfire society?

BONFIRE SOCIETY helps growth-oriented men over 40 fortify their health, connect more deeply with themselves and with other powerful men, and chart magical learning adventures so that they can have everything they want.

We are a growing community of men committed to deep learning, transformation, and creating cool shit in the world.

We provide a broad array of opportunities for men to join with other exceptional men, challenge limitations, and create what matters most to you.

We unlock the power within and helps you create your best life.


We are the undaunted.
We are the trailblazers.
We are the future makers.
We are thought leaders, coaches, trainers, teachers, artisans and aspirants.
We are entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners.
We are curators, investigators, and edge walkers.
We’re always a step ahead of convention.
If this resonates with you, we are your band of brothers.

Our Chief Guide

Dr. Michael Martin Mendribil ( Dr. M ) is the founder and chief guide of Bonfire Society. As a transformational vitality coach, naturopathic physician, and life-long learner, he leads men into deep conversation and powerful experiences that change their lives. With over three decades of coaching leaders and deep inquiry into the nature and practice of health, consciousness, creativity and unbridled self-expression, Dr. Michael serves those who share his commitment to living full, vital and soul-guided lives.

Our Work

Our work is to help soulful leaders fortify their health, unlock their greatest power, and create the extraordinary.
Without sound health, mental clarity and a game worth playing, you are always on shaky ground, vulnerable to the passage of time, outside influences, and the angst of unfulfilled dreams.
Whether it’s resolving long-standing issues, optimizing for the future, or transforming challenges into actionable insights, we got you.
Isn’t it time to liberate yourself and create the life you desire? We believe there is no better time than right now.


BONFIRE SOCIETY provides a rare opportunity for you to join with other powerful men who are challenging limitations and creating more joy, power and freedom. 
We know the heartache and mental anguish that any kind of confinement or restriction can create in a man. We’ve all been there.
Unwilling to settle for less than full, vital lives, we challenge every limitation and obstacle. We explore, experiment and transform to create the best version of ourselves. 
Ultimately, we will not be bound.  We burn through. We shine on, regardless of external conditions.

what you can expect

You can expect that through your engagement with Bonfire Society you will be more:
    • Energized and engaged.
    • Clear about what is true for you.
    • Connected and kind.
    • Challenged and supported.
    • Present and aware.
    • Conscious and creative.
    • Productive and prosperous.
    • Healthy, fit and strong.
    • Self-Expressed, in ways that bring you and others joy.
    • At Peace with yourself and with life.


Getting started is easy!

Visit our Programs or Coaching pages and register for one of our programs if that feels right for you.

Need more information or just want to connect? Book a complimentary call and we’ll help you find your best next step.

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